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Because your best friend deserves the best care

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Modify your home

It is important that your home is going to be a suitable environment for your dog if he or she experiences arthritis of joint issues.

swimming therapy

Natural Treatments

There are many different options available for you to help your furry friend if they develop joint issues.

dog massage

Therapeutic Massage

Learn some simple techniques so that you can massage your dog and help relieve some symptoms.

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Johanna and Rocky

About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Johanna and the special friend in this photo is my best buddy, Rocky. Rocky is more than just a dog to me; he is my soul-mate. We go everywhere together and you have no idea how happy he was when I was working from home during the Covid Pandemic. When he started showing signs of arthritis, I knew I had to do something to help him, so I started researching and experimenting with various methods and treatments to ease his pain and discomfort. It was a challenging time for both of us, but we were in it together. As we navigated through the different treatments, we learned a lot about arthritis in dogs. I discovered that there was a lack of accessible information for dog owners who had to manage the condition. So, I decided to create a website to provide a resource for anyone whose furry friend was suffering from joint issues.

choosing a dog bed that complements your decor

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benefits of exercising a dog with arthritis

The benefits of exercise for a dog with arthritis

There are natural and effective solutions that can bring relief and improve your dog's overall mobility: exercise for dogs with joint issues.

the importance of a healthy diet for a dog with arthritis

The Importance of a healthy diet for dogs with arthritis

Learn about the essential nutrients, dietary strategies, and expert tips to support your dog's joint health and improve their overall well-being.

arthritic dog looking to you for help

Signs your dog could have arthritis

From subtle cues to visible behaviours, discover the key indicators that can help you determine if your beloved four-legged companion is dealing with joint problems.

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